Blockchain Cloud System with AI DAPP

Artificial intelligence, utilizing the vast amount of big data, is changing the industry as it enters the fourth industrial revolution. All future services will come with artificial intelligence, and dApp services must provide artificial intelligence as well. DAIOS Core provides distributed learning through distributed computing and provides an environment where AI dApp can be implemented and operated.

The most equitable algorithm for determining the contribution of AI

The current blockchain environment includesBig Brother, which has a lot of real assets such as miner and stake investor. It shows a centralized look dominating the network. The blockchain is a system that realizes decentralization. DAIOS does not run by the man power. AI provides a new, unconventional consensus algorithm system that judges and provides ‘compensation. A consensus algorithm called Proof of Contribution (PoC) provides ‘reward’ to the nodes by artificial intelligence to perform judging through continuouslearning.

authentic web 3.0

Unlike other blockchain networks, All of DAIOS service programs are decentralized. DAIOS actualize real dApps without centralized server

Speed ​​and capacity troubleshooting

Similar to BFT-DPOS, Poc algorithm’s Artificial Intelligence engine determines the contribution of the network and configures the block determinator group. 
capacity issue resolves through partition storage of state data and child-chain design structure.

dissolution of centralized wealth through AI

The Artificial Intelligence engine, which is the core of the PoC agreement? algorithm, prevents over concentration.
It constantly monitors the economic system on the network and enforces distribution of compensation and donation.

New dApp operating system

DAIOS enables dApp to AI dApp development, and operation.
The data generated by dApp is publicly available on DAIOS and the service providers can improve their services through the public data.

APIs & Showcases


Talaria utilizes many blockchain nodes to increase download and streaming speed of content. It’s cheaper than traditional cloud-based CDNs.

SNS Publishing Kit(SPK)

DAIOS should be able to publish various contents easily in the future. SPK is a tool that makes it easy to publish SNS content with reward from block chain based dApp.


Supports e-commerce easy settlement using QR codes. Bank transfers, card payments, Bitcoin, Etherium, and ERC-20 based coins can also proceed with a smart contract-based programmed payment process.

DAIOS Chatbot Core

DAIOS Chatbot Core provides a installation package of core engine that can develop chatbots dApp using NLP technology. You can improve chatbots by collecting and training unstructured data from the DAIOS network.

Big Storage

Distributed storage using p2p, the underlying technology of block chains. It can store various data such as images, documents, videos, etc. and can be used in blockchain dApp.

dApp Hosting

dApp Hosting is a feature that service providers can choose to provide their services seamlessly on DAIOS. Using the superior nodes that exist worldwide, you can provide users with fast, professional features.


NECTAR is a product that asynchronously subscribes and publishes what user wants. The block chain-based queuing system efficiently handles large data transactions that can occur in dApp.

Data Lake

Supports a small NoSQL running on a block chain. By handling structured data, you can quickly develop dApps based on front-end-framework such as React, Anguar, and VueJs.


A configuration management product, such as git, that can share dApp development sources. Through DAIOS tokens, all developers around the world are provided with the ability to be rewarded for their contributed dApp projects..

AI Cons

Machine learning is used to monitor biased rewards that can occur in a blockchain ecosystem. You can use DAIOS’s PoC summing algorithm to grow your block chain ecosystem more fairly.


The content creator can sign inside the binary of the content through WaterSign and be guaranteed to be the only content.


MDNS is a module for interoperability of blockchain networks. You can configure different types of blockchain networks to be accessible via a single DNS. DAIOS is aimed at standardized blockchain communication protocols.


CRM is a product for structuring the relationship between DAIOS users’ information and various dApp.

D-CTF(Capture The Flag)

DAIOS implement CTF games in dApp for security vulnerability analysis, a virtue that has to be done with block chain mechanics. We disclose weaknesses of mainnet and dApp analyzed through D-CTF to provide operating system security, server security, and code security guidelines when developing DAIOS-based dApp


You can analyze your data using computing resources of the nodes that consist DAIOS network. In addition, various machine learning techniques can be used by anyone who does not have a knowledge of artificial intelligence through the predefined DAIOS ML Core.


You can analyze your data using computing resources of the nodes that consist DAIOS network. In addition, various machine learning techniques can be used by anyone who does not have a knowledge of artificial intelligence through the predefined DAIOS ML Core

Lightning Straw

Lightning Straw is a product for Real Time Streaming service. You can use Lighting Straw to enable real-time services. Lightning Straw can implement various kinds of internet based streaming service such as SDK.

Republic Olympus

DAIOS operates network for the world’s participants Provide a forum for public participation so that they can get involved. At Olympus, we have raised a variety of issues and Discuss / make decisions.

Poseidon IDE

Provides an integrated development environment(IDE) for developing and operating robust online services based on blockchain. DAIOS offers all the features of intuitive UX / UI and components, making it easy for anyone to create dApp.


Mach Coin

Digital Asset Exchange



Autonomous driving Shuttle Bus Project



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